Finally, a Beginning

It has been a difficult few months.  Sometimes when you are depressed, you don’t even notice until the whole thing begins to pass, lighten.  I am left with relief, a garden full of heritage tomato plants and cucumber and a recently filled rain barrel.

The heat has been brutal.  This week we have holed up in the house, unable to function normally.  The deck yesterday reached an unbearable 110.  I tend to switch to fahrenheit when the temperature tips over that 100 mark. It’s more extreme.  The kids have no point of reference, though.

When the heat breaks, I will go to the library and pick up my books.  When the heat breaks I will vacuum.  When the heat breaks I will go back up to my studio and work on some art.  When the heat breaks life might return to normal.

But today it’s going to be hot.

Next week I’ll be meeting a friend for lunch.  Today I might make pizza dough.  We can put pizzas on the bbq later.


About upholsteress

Trying to live a quietly creative life as simply as possible.
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1 Response to Finally, a Beginning

  1. crunchy says:

    Nice to see you here! 110 in your locale seems so unheard of! (did it kill some mosquitoes, at least?) Please take care and drink lots of water!

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