It’s been so hot…

… that the old tiles on my kitchen floor are buckling. A little part of me would love to peel them off, creating a project for John and I, but I am more cautious than I used to be. A project like that would involve moving major appliances into the dining room, and the removal of a sub-floor made of ply. Under that I’m sure is the original floor, but it too would have to be removed. It would be wonderful to have a vintage linoleum or wooden floor, but that might come in time.

The middle of a heat wave is not the time to begin such a project.

Yesterday I made spelt/kamut pizza dough in my Kitchenaide Mixer. I don’t usually make dough, having in the past been terrible at kneading, but I decided to try the hook and yes it did the job with no sweating on my end. The dough rose even though my yeast had expired in February, and the pizza dough was pretty good, if a little tough for my white-flour loving family. I made calzones and baked them on the barbecue. There was no way I was going to heat up my kitchen.

Appetites are so ‘off’ this week, and tummies are sensitive. My tummy is sensitive, hence the effort of spelt and kamut.

Later in the evening we cut short our Buffy-fest and watched giant dragonflies in the back yard chasing the mosquitoes and sat out there until I heard the bats wake up and the fireflies lit up the tree in the next yard.

Then the nightly tepid bath, and to bed with the fan.

This morning the rain is falling and the temps are dropping. Not yet in the house, but I know it will get better today.

Reading : A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

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Trying to live a quietly creative life as simply as possible.
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