No Amber, just quartz!  Guilt gone, I can happily use the stones in my broken crockery mosaics.  Right now they are on the windowsill of my kitchen.

Suddenly an intense urge to paint my diningroom and livingroom white.  Not stark white, but a softer version.  It is dark in my house, and when I see white in magazines it can be very fresh, very clean.  And of course bright.

We moved here nearly 4 years ago, and I had to paint every room in the house.  The previous owners, or those before them, had painted every room a colour.  The diningroom was shiny red.  The livingroom, hallway and up the stairs including the large bedroom were orange like a cantaloupe.  One small room was vivid green, and the other was red like coagulated blood.

And the tiny kitchen was cobalt blue.  Walls, cupboards and even inside the cupboards.

I went to neutral golds to match the stained glass, and soft greens.  Soothing.  But now clean white is whispering to me.

I heard from a friend that her sister has died, suddenly.  Brenda had Crohns disease, but I thought she was doing pretty well.  Need to get info about funeral arrangements, most likely in Toronto.

Today I want to do some cooking, even though it’s hot again.

About upholsteress

Trying to live a quietly creative life as simply as possible.
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