Death and Red Currants

My friend Margaret’s sister died.  She was in her late 50’s and not well, ill with Crohn’s and many other ailments.  One of her friends called Margaret a few days ago to tell her she hadn’t been able to get in touch with Elaine for a week.  Fast forward to the super entering the apartment, and the sister, dead.

I’ve offered to go and help Margaret clean out her sister’s apt. this weekend.  Enough said.

Today I made a huge roasted chicken, even though it was very hot out.  And I made some red currant sauce, with the currants I purchased at the market last Sat.  After the chicken had cooled a bit, stuffed full of herbs and garlic, I took it apart and put it straight into the fridge.  Now I’m making some chicken stock with the carcass because I know it will make such good broth and can’t be bothered freezing it until the weather is cooler.  I’m to the point where I don’t really think it’s going to get cooler out.

Red Currant Sauce:

  • Around 2 cups of Red Currants, just past their firm stage.
  • juice of one lemon
  • 1/2 cup of sugar
  • one chopped shallot [red, from the garden]
  • around 1 oz of mystery booze given to us at yule by the old Italian fellow down the road.  It’s not too good, or it would be gone.  The recipe called for Port.
  • Sprig or two of rosemary and some other herbs from the garden.

Simmered all together for 20 min or so and then strained.  Made a jam jar full of sauce, which I’ll have with my chicken tonight.  Then maybe freeze the remainder.  Smelled so good while cooking.

After my stock is safe to leave on simmer on the back burner I’ll take youngest [13] to get his collarbone x-rayed. It was broken way back in May.


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