My Beige Years

I never thought it would be so. I have always pictured myself as a person of colour, a person who needs warm shades surrounding me. Golds and greens have been my tones in this house, carefully matching into the stained glass windows.

But today I paint my dining room Hemingway. Hemingway is a lovely off-white, and I am going to lighten up my space. First the dining room, next the living room and then front hall and right up the stairs to the very small upper foyer.

All those decorating magazines that I mocked for the stark white rooms, here I come.

Why the change? It’s a dark house in the winter. A front porch shades the living room and the dining room now has a privacy lattice to shade the deck. Winter light is fragile, and the simplicity of white appeals to me, at this time.

And I have too many chairs. Too many rocking chairs. And something has to go! I need to clean out my space of the unused and unnecessary.

Next I want white roman blinds and very light curtains.


About upholsteress

Trying to live a quietly creative life as simply as possible.
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