My little depressing post of sadness

I never met evil before I moved to this house nearly 4 years ago.  I can make friends with any sort of person, and getting along is so ingrained in the way I was raised that it’s very nearly a fault.

My neighbours HATE me.  They hate everyone, but really, really hate me.  They hate my husband too, and all the other people on the street.  They hate.  They do it well.  They are on one side, they are very close.

It is affecting my quality of life.  I don’t garden in the front, because he mumbles curses inside his house that I can hear.  Husband goes to work, he is away.  Husband is half deaf, and cannot hear the curses.

I want to leave my beautiful little house and move far away.  I want to move to the edge of a town with no close neighbours and a huge driveway and be done with this space.

This city has worn me down, it has broken me.  I’m ready to cut my losses and dissappear.


About upholsteress

Trying to live a quietly creative life as simply as possible.
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One Response to My little depressing post of sadness

  1. Middle Man says:

    I got that all too familiar knot in my stomach just reading your post. you haev my sympathy and empathy. When it gets too bad just read this:

    I hope it makes you smile a little. Good look with your situation.

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