Dreaming of chickens

Last week was rough.  Living beside insanely unfriendly people, who are ignorant to boot is hard.  Spirit-grinding.  Needless to say my new hobby is looking at properties on M.L.S. in the Niagara Falls area, properties with long driveways and corner lots to minimize neighbours at all.

The evil ones are properly paranoid now.  They move their van every 12 hours on the dot, and after all the fuss about wanting to park in front of my house, they seem to avoid that spot completely.  After calling the bylaw officer 3 times on me last week, now they must sense that I have the bylaw number on speed-dial and will use that function with glee.

We sold our van, a very painless process.  I put the ad on kijiji on Thursday morning and it was sold by Sat afternoon.  We haven’t really used it since last year.  I bike or walk here in the city or take the bus.  Husband has a work truck which we park in the garage.

This morning I’ll go into work, but expect to only be open for a couple of hours because of the holidy.  Then perhaps a wee drive into Niagara…

In Niagara Falls you can have backyard chickens if your lot is 40 x 100.  It’s cheaper there as well…  Maybe I could even have a beehive or two.  We’ve noticed less bees this summer.  Lots of tomatoes, but many blossoms are not pollinated.  I could grow red currants and asparagus…

This neighbour experience has left me with a bruised spirit.  I wonder often what could I have done in a past life to deserve this?  It reminds me of when we had to find the dog a new home after 10 months, and immediately found kittens under the porch in the window well.  We placed 24 kittens in 2 years and I ended up being a Cat Woman.  It made me really believe in karma.

All that is left to me, if we stay here, is enjoying our space as much as possible.  When we are out, they usually stay in.  They have moved their bbq all the way across the lawn away from the fence and they can now cook way over there with the mosquitoes.

Our privacy on the deck is complete, with the added bonus that we can see them, but they cannot see us.  Adds to the paranoia I imagine.  They can creep around the yard like evil beetles.


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Trying to live a quietly creative life as simply as possible.
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