Consequences or revenge

My back is healing, although I had to resort to some meds. Today I don’t need one and I’ll be walking downtown with youngest later on to hit the library and check out the farmers market.

The graduation went well.  The day was not too hot and it was lovely to see everyone.  Much joy on the deck ~ we never had put so many bodies out there before.

Last night when I got home from work I noticed ~ with some glee ~ that the evil neighbours had parked in front, facing the wrong way on a two-way street.  Unfortunately I had not forgotten the ticket I re’d two weeks ago, because of them, and I did call the after-hours by-law office and after a long, agonizing wait, a black car pulled up and they did get a ticket.  That is the first time I have called the bylaw office on a neighbour, and I suspect it will be the last.  I do not like this role I play now.

At least he has returned to work this week after 2 weeks holidays.  It makes me shake physically when he starts to yell out his kitchen window while his does dishes.  Curses and crazy muttering.  It’s quiet again, at least today.

I’m still thinking of that ancient house on the huge lot we saw last week ~ it slips into my dreams when I sleep.


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Trying to live a quietly creative life as simply as possible.
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