So close

We looked at a house last week, in a small city near where husband works.  It’s a harbour town, on Lake Erie.  The property is huge : 90 x 240 feet, with a long driveway and it was near parkland and trails.  Like a small town within the city.  Sigh, it has a conditional offer on it and not for me.  😦

The house was ancient and rough.  Good bones, very good energy.

But not for me.

Now I know where I want to live, and what I need.  Privacy, space.  I want to feel as though I’m in the country, but be in the city.  Not much to ask…

Unless something comes up in that little area we are waiting until spring to look.  The boys need to start and finish school and Morgan needs to have one more year living at home before we toss her out to live on her own.

I think I need antidepressants [swore I’d never go that route again but self-medicating with wine is not great either].

I need to gather myself together and get out of this funk.  I need to find a focus.  I need to get through this summer.  The heat has been stupid, and I realise that I am a not a summer person.  Give me winter and the ability to hermit, give me winter and sweaters and leggings.   I hate the feeling of sticky sweat on my legs and arms.

I shall paint the living room and work on the basement.  Clean the carpets in the attic and make the youngest a curtain and window covering.  Spring we will list, when the flowers look their best.


About upholsteress

Trying to live a quietly creative life as simply as possible.
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